Hi There!  I’m Stacy.  Healer + Intuitive Energy Coach

Ever since I can remember, I have been in love with the ocean.  In fact, most of my life, I have spend it educating, learning and working one on one with the ocean and marine animals.

I graduated with a BA in Marine Science from the University of Hawaii at Hilo. From there, I dove into a sea turtle internship in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park.


I worked my way up to a Co-Pilot on a passenger submarine, where we took guests down to 100 feet in the ocean and along the reef, educating them about everything we would see.

As an aquarist, I got to dive and take care of stingrays, sea turtles, sharks and a wide variety of fish. Then I got my dream job, working as a sea lion and dolphin trainer at the same place the movie Flipper was filmed.


Moving Forward

One day, I realized that I wasn’t happy working in this industry. The dolphins and other animals were used to make money. Not to fully support their wellbeing.

My financé (now husband) and I moved back to Colorado and we got married. I followed my intuition and dove into health and wellness. I learned so much about the our bodies, supplementation and low glycemic eating. I lead groups of people to lose weight and live healthier lives. About the same time, my husband and I had our first baby.

I was then lead into spiritual life coaching, healing through crystals and eventually essential oils. Unlocking some amazing natural healing abilities.



I have decided that I have something unique here with my expertise with ocean energy and my coaching, healing crystals and essential oils that can support others to live a healthy and “whole” life.

Ocean Energy Wellness helps you feel grounded, connected and inspired with holistic healing and self-care practices, to live a healthy and fulfilled life.

If you are looking to release stress and overwhelm, get un-stuck, heal, have more energy, move your life in a new direction or just want to create a healthier life for yourself – this is the place for you.


Certifications + Trainings

  • Certified Empowered Spiritual Life Coach

  • Essential Oil Wellness Advocate

  • Certified Wellness Coach

  • Nervous System Trauma Education Training

  • Certified Lunar Mystic

  • Certified Crystal Reiki Master

  • Ethereal Crystal Healing Master

  • Certified Alaya Crystal Healing Course

  • Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing

  • Living Your Star Light Healing Course

  • BA in Marine Science