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When I look back on my life so far, I see synchronistic events that have lead me to uncovering who I truly am and reconnecting me with my unique soul essence.

It has not been easy.  In fact, It has been quite difficult but the challenges remind me that this physical life is a journey.  I CHOOSE to be here! 

I can see, know and feel that I really did follow my own intuition and certainly have created a life that I ABSOULETLY love. 


My passion for the ocean started when I was little.  Living in a landlocked state, my room was always filled with dolphin and whale figures. 

One family trip to Bonaire sparked my desire to create a career of working in and out of the ocean and with marine life.   

Immediately after high school, I attended the University of Hawaii at Hilo, where I earned a BA in Marine Science.  After college my career started by working as a Co-Pilot on a passenger submarine.  Living and playing on and in the water was so rewarding.   

Then I moved into the aquarium industry, receiving hands on experiences with a variety of different marine life.  I really feel this allowed my energetic + telepathic connection to deepen.  Even though I didn't realize it at that particular time.

Being laid off from my work on Oahu, HI during 9/11 didn't stop me.  I had the burning desire to continue to connect and work with marine animals, so my boyfriend (husband now) and I moved all the way down to Florida.   

I was able to gain an even deeper energetic + telepathic knowledge, empathy and compassion for the sea lions + dolphins.




Something was calling to return home to Colorado.  Not knowing why. I felt I would never leave the ocean.  My fiancé and I moved back, got married, bought a house and started a family.  We have two kids, ages 10 + 6 that we UN-school (homeschool).  We are showing them how to dive into their desires and create from their heart.  

Moving back, I was called to step into something new and I realized it set my spiritual journey and awakening into full motion.  

I found a passion and extreme interest for the health + wellness industry .  This began the journey of starting my own business.   My interest in how to support our HUman bodies then spiraled into a cascade of listing to my intuition and diving deeper into specific areas and fields of study that I found expanded my knowledge.  I also believe they unlocked keys within me to discovering who I truly AM. 


Spiritual life coaching, gave me experiences and energy tools that helped me gain a deeper understanding of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  We are more than just our physical self.  We have a light (our soul) within our vessel, that is always with-in us.

I found myself wanting to learn more about subtle energy and our energy bodies.  I was deeply drawn to Crystals.  This just opened up a whole new world for me.  The shifts in energy.  The uncovering of beliefs systems that I was holding on to, didn’t serve me anymore. 


I was then guided to Essential Oils.  I knew nothing about them.  But I had this yearning to try them to support my emotions and physical health.  I just new that they were to be added into our holistic lifestyle.  

I just didn’t realize how beneficial they were until my son had an ear infection.  Of course, antibiotics stopped working and so we gave essential oils a try.  Oh man….they worked like magic to support my son in his healing process.  Since then essential oils are a part of my magical tool kit for healing + well-being.  

Everything up to this point lead me to uncovering my gifts of healing and alchemy.  

I have followed my heart, listened to my intuition.  Took leaps of faith.  Trusted and not trusted myself more than you know!  I come from a place of deep love for all.  Has it been easy?  No!  This world is not easy.  That is why I AM here!


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Don't let me fool you.  I may look like the girl next door but I have serious light here. 

it's just undercover.  If you really want to make rapid change in your life, then partner with me.  I will help you get results.

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Certifications & Trainings:

  • Certified Empowered Spiritual Life Coach

  • Essential Oil Wellness Advocate

  • Certified Wellness Coach

  • Nervous System Trauma Education Training

  • Certified Lunar Mystic

  • Certified Crystal Reiki Master

  • Certified Alaya Crystal Healing Course

  • Ethereal Crystal Healing Master

  • Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing

  • Living Your Star Light Healing Course

  • BA in Marine Science


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